GenDetective Update v3.3 Now Available

GenDetective version 3.3 is now available for download at This update corrects a few issues (see the release notes on the updates page) and introduces 3 new DNA related reports.

As genealogists, one of our challenges, is identifying who in our family tree we can ask to take a DNA test.  GenDetective now includes 3 reports:

  • Who is a candidate for a Y-DNA test?
  • Who is a candidate for an mtDNA test?
  • Who is a candidate for an autosomal DNA test?

The results of the test you are looking for someone to take depends on the specifics of the situation you are research.  These new GenDetective DNA reports make identifying those living people, if they are in your tree, much simpler.  Since DNA tests are looking for shared ancestors, by definition the person(s) you are looking to test are descendants of a specific ancestor or ancestral couple.

Creating a DNA candidates report is as simple as knowing which DNA test you want someone to take and identifying the ancestor.  The reports are located in Reports By Task under “What information should I research”, “DNA Test Candidates”.  A sample Y-DNA test report is shown below with names changed to hide living people.  Your report would show you the names of the living candidates in your family tree.

Y-DNA Test Candidates (names protected for privacy)

Our next post will explore these reports in further detail, but let us know what you think of these reports.


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