My Map View: County Maps

In My Map View from a United States map, you can get a state-wide map, one that shows the county boundaries, and the individual counties your family lived in!  Our starting navigational point is a map of California that we reached from the World map by clicking on the United States, and then clicking on California.  Looking at the map itself, we see the counties where my family resided, below the map is the list of the counties my family resided in, and to the right is the list of family members who lived in California!

May Of My Family In California

What happens if I click on San Diego county in the map (or click on the link in the chart)?  The map itself remains unchanged. However, the list of locations in the chart below the map has changed.  Instead of the counties family resided, the chart now contains the list of specific locations I have identified in San Diego County, Ca.  In addition, the list of family members has changed to list only the family members who had an even in San Diego County.

My Family In San Diego County, Ca

What if I want to see the list of the 5 people who were in El Cajon, San Diego County, Ca.?  Click on the link for El Cajon, and the map stays the same, the chart of places stays the same, but the list of family members now lists the 5 people who had an event in El Cajon!

Family Members With An Event in El Cajon, Ca

How powerful from the initial World map, click on the United States, then click on California, click on San Diego County, and finally click on El Cajon.  If you are visiting the San Diego county area of California, with four quick clicks of your mouse you have the list of people who you place in a specific town in California!  Does it get any easier than that?


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