My Map View: State Maps for The United States

In My Map View there are several ways that you can navigate to a state level map:

  1. Click on a state in a country map
  2. Click on the link for the state in the chart below the country map.

Unfortunately the only country that has state level maps (ie. county maps) is the United States.  We have been unable to locate free maps that work with our mapping software for most countries in the world.

No worries though, for countries without county maps, the functionality for the state or province is equivalent to the county maps for the United States.  Said differently, there is one less map, but the detailed links and filtering by location are still available!  I will be discussing this functionality in the next post, My Map View: States Maps for Other Countries.

When clicking on an US State in the United States Country map, a county map for the selected state, similar to the following map, will display.

California Family Map

The GenDetective screenshot above should look familiar.  The chart below the map displays a list of the counties that occur in the state-wide map. On the far right is the list of relatives that are associated with locations color coded in the map.  To get additional information about any county, click on the county in the map or on the link in the chart!

In our next post we will explore the State Maps for Countries without individual state maps (county boundaries) .. aka not the United States and the final post in this series will discuss what happens when you click on a specific county in an US state map!


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