My Map View: State Maps for Other Countries

In My Map View there are several ways that you can navigate to a state level map.  Unfortunately the only country that has state level maps (displays county maps) is the United States.  We have been unable to locate free maps that work with our mapping software for most countries in the world.

No worries though, for countries without county maps, the functionality for the state or province is equivalent to the county maps for the United States.  Said differently, there is one less map, but the detailed links and filtering by location are still available!  Lets look at a country map of Germany.

Our starting navigational point is a map of Germany.

In the above map, with the list of States below the map and on the right the list of all family members with an event in Germany, I clicked on Baden-Wurttemberg in the map.  The map below appeared, unchanged.  Look closely at the chart below the map.  Instead of the list of States as above, the list below changed to the individual locations inside Baden-Wurttemberg.  I further clicked on the link for the town of Baiersbronn, and the list of people on the right side changed to only include the 8 people who had an event in Baiersbronn!

Map of My Family in Germany

To see the list of people who were in Bronnweiler, click on the link for Bronnweiler, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, and the list of people on the right side of the screen will change.  How powerful from the initial World map, click on Germany, then click on Baden-Wurttemberg, and finally click on Bronnweiler.  If you are visiting Bronnweiler area in Germany, with three quick clicks of your mouse you have the list of people who you placed in a specific town in Germany!  Does it get any easier than that?


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