My Map View: Country Maps

In My Map View you can navigate to a country map in one of four ways:

Country Navigation

  1. Click on the Flag for the country list
  2. In a World map, click on the country in the map
  3. In a Regional map, click on the country in the map (not shown)
  4. In the chart below a world or regional map, click on the country name

What do you see when you display a country graph?  Each country map displays the country along with each of the states or provinces in the country.  Each state/province where you have placed your relatives will be color coded with the number of relatives located in the state (or the number of events).  On the right side of the screen will be a list of the relatives who lived in the selected country.  The Reports available under the Reports tab (far right of screen) will change so that any report selected will reflect the country displayed in the map!

Map of My Family in the United States

What is the value of the country-wide map?  As genealogists we work with records that place our ancestors on a map.  For some countries we may be very familiar with states/provinces our family lived in, and not so familiar with others.  Many Americans learned in grade school the map of the states, and could label the states.  However, my personal grasp of say, the United Kingdom or Germany is rudimentary at best.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of a map of our family, doubly so.

Germany England

Map of My Ancestors in Germany

Map of My Direct Ancestors in England

Our next post will explore what happens when you click on a state in the map or the link for a state.

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