My Map View: People versus Events?

Map People or Events?

In My Map View one of the options you have for each map is the choice between mapping people or mapping events.  This option is found in the Map my family section on the left side of the screen, just under the option asking which family members to include in the chart.  Mapping people or events, what is the difference?  The chart below illustrates the difference as it is included in the map.

Situation When mapping people
When mapping events
Person is in a location 1 time, immigration port or a registration for WW1 .. 1 1
Person is in a location whole life, 8 census records, marriage, birth, death .. 1 11

So, what is the difference?  To some extent, mapping events shows the areas where your research has focused; a higher number of events per person, frequently shows a focus of research.  If you have done a significant research on or in a specific county, it will be reflected when mapping events.  Mapping the events may provide a visual cue that a research opportunity for traveling to the area to research exists.

Regardless of what you choose to map, in the chart below the map showing:

  1. Events: the number of events in the location
  2. People: the number of unique people in the location
  3. EPP: the average number of events per person (may be a reflection of focused research for people in the area)
  4. The location (country, state, county, specific town, township, cemetery..)

Information Corresponding to a Map


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