My Map View: What Places Did GenDetective Pick For My Family?

When looking at the GenDetective maps it is important to confirm that the locations in your family tree were matched to the location you meant.  As discussed in the prior post, there are several places named Kingston, and it is important to make sure that the Kingston you meant is the Kingston GenDetective matched.

From My Map View, on the right side, select the Reports tab.  At the bottom of the list is a report “What standardized locations did my places map to?”.  To run this report, highlight the report and press the Create Report button.  A report similar to the report below will be generated, remember the report will vary based on the map displayed in the middle of the screen, and based on your family.

What standardized locations did my places map to?

Examining the map will reveal the location that your place (My Location Name) was mapped to (Standardized Location Name).  In the sample report above, you may notice that Stewartstown is slightly different from what I have entered into my family tree, but it maps to the correct location in Northern Ireland.

If you disagree with the location that one of your places was mapped to, consider specifying a fully qualified name: Town, County (if applicable), State/Province, Country. Doing so will help GenDetective “pick” the location you meant, not the first location that “matches”.

The next post will explore Country maps.

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