My Map View: World & Regional Maps

The first map you will see in My Map View is a world map.  In the Map My Family section of the screen (left side), you can expand the Maps node to see a list of the Regional maps that pertain to the family you have on the world map, and under Country maps will be a list of the country where your family has been identified.

Remember the locations your family has been found in is not a “master, all-knowing list” of everyplace in the world where your family members can or could be found in records.  The locations displayed on the maps come from the family tree that you imported into GenDetective; these are the locations you have placed your family.

Compare the two maps below.  The first map contains a list of the regions and countries where I have found my direct relatives.  The second map, All Relatives, contains a list of all regions and countries where I have identified family members.  Notice that the scale and colors have changed between the two maps.  Always check the scale that is being used as it will change based on what is currently located in the map; the scale is not fixed.

Direct Relatives All Relatives

Instead of looking at a world map, click on any of the Regional Maps to see a detailed map of the region you selected.  I clicked on the Regional Map of Europe and the following map appeared.  By comparing to the world maps above, you can see this is more focused map of Europe.

My Family In Europe

Click on any country in the World map or a Regional map to see additional details about the selected country.  Note, the list below the map has also changed to contain links to the countries contained in the regional map.

In our next post we will explore the information found in a country map.



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