My Maps: Getting Started

The initial view in My Map View you will see when using GenDetective v3 will look similar to the following:

Initial Map In My Maps View

As with each view in GenDetective, My Map View is divided into multiple sections.  Each section can be resized smaller and larger to dedicate as much space as possible to each section.  The areas are:

  1. Map My Family: This section on the left side of the screen controls the contents of the map (middle section).  You have the option to:
    1. Select the relatives to include in the map; options range from very broad (everyone) to very specific (2nd great grandparents).
    2. Option buttons: you can map people (the number of people at a location) or events (the number of times you have recorded the people at a location).
    3. Maps: the maps section provides a list of the regions (World is always present), continents, and individual countries that occur in the map.
  2. Map Area: The middle section of the screen displays the map, and below the map a list of links related to the contents of the map (in a World map, a list of countries)
    1. Map: the dominant section in the middle, displays the selected map, color coded based on the number of people or events that you have elected to display on your map.  Each country or state displayed in the map can be clicked on to “drill into” additional maps.
    2. Scale: below the map is the scale for the colors in the map.  The scale changes with each map you click on.
    3. List: below the scale is the list of links that correspond to the selected map.  As you click on different maps, the contents displayed in the list will change.
  3. Family Members: This section found on the right side of the screen lists the family members associated with the contents of the map displayed in the middle.
    1. List of people: This section will list the people who correspond to the contents of the map.
    2. Filter links: The links in this section provide a way to filter or limit the people who are displayed in the Family members list.

In the coming weeks each post will explore the functionality in My Map View.




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