What Is My Map View?

My Map View is one of the core features of GenDetective v3.  First is the cool, look at my family on a map, wow factor!  Followed quickly by, what now?

My Map View

Genealogy and geography are intertwined.  Geography, along with the years our family were in a location, dictates (controls) the resources we can use to learn more about our family.  Obvious differences in record collections can be quickly spotted, even at a national level:

  1. The United States every 10 years, 1790-1940 (only fragments remain from 1890), plus many territorial and colonial censuses
  2. Great Britain every 10 years, 1841-1911
  3. Canada every 10 years, 1871-1921, plus many provincial & territorial censuses from 1825-1870
  4. The Australians destroyed most of their census records after compiling statistics for privacy protection
  5. The Irish census records have been destroyed:
    • 1821, 1831, 1841, 1851 mostly destroyed in 1922 due to fire
    • 1861 & 1871 were destroyed shortly after the census was enumerated
    • 1881 & 1891 during WW1

Looking at the this list, without considering other countries, demonstrates how geography and time span control the availability of records for genealogical research.  As we further hone in on the locales of our ancestors, state and local records come into play and more variability emerges.  Newspapers, local tax records, state enumerations (New Jersey had state censuses on the 5’s, but Pennsylvania did not), burned county records intrude, as well as regional variability.  Geography is very quickly determining the records available to explore, before we have begun our research!

With geography comes maps and My Map View.  In the next series of posts we will explore My Map View and how to effectively use GenDetective maps in your research.

Map Discussion Initial Map
My Maps: Getting Started

Initial Map In My Maps View

My Maps: World and Regional Maps

My Map View

My Maps: That’s Not Where My Family Was At!

My Family Locations Report

My Maps: What Places Did GenDetective Pick For My Family?

What standardized locations did my places map to?

My Maps: People versus Events?

Map People or Events?

My Maps: Country Maps

Map of My Family in the United States

My Maps: State Maps for The United States

California Family Map

My Maps: State Maps for Other Countries

Map of My Ancestors in Germany

My Maps: US County Maps

Family Members With An Event in El Cajon, Ca



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