My Tree View: Family Members & Reports

The last area of My Tree View is found in the upper right hand corner: Family Members and Reports.  Looking in the upper right corner of  the My Tree View screenshot below, you will see a list of relatives, identified by relationship, to the person that is currently selected.  Clicking on any of these individuals, regardless of relationship, will shift the individuals shown in the navigation view to the ancestors of the selected person.  Use this list of family members to navigate through your tree.  Note, that the home person will always be listed, providing a quick way to “refocus” your view.

My Tree View

Beside the the Family tab is the Reports tab which looks like the following picture.

Reports of Interest

Each of the reports listed in the Reports of Interest tab is a report that can be created for any person using My Family View.  Each report in this list is discussed in detail beginning with the article What Is My Family View?

Clicking on any of these reports and pressing the Create Report button (or double clicking on a report) will trigger the creation of the report for the person highlighted in the navigation view!  Creating a report causes the view to switch from My Tree View to My Family View, with the desired report displayed.  To return to My Tree View, simply click on the button in the toolbar, or change the view with the Current View drop down.

Report of Interest Created from My Tree View

Combining traditional genealogy programs with the power of GenDetective results in My Tree View which is a powerful way to gain insight into additional research opportunities!

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