My Tree View: My Research Progress Details

A powerful feature of GenDetective is the ability to configure your own personal research goals.

My Tree View

Using personal research goals provides a way for us to identify research opportunities in our family and that information is front and center as we examine each ancestor in My Tree View!  For the selected person, the one whose timeline is displayed below the navigational view, look at the lower right hand corner.  This section displays the progress for each of the areas in My Research Progress.

My Research Progress Details in My Tree View

To the left is a closeup of the My Research Progress that changes each time an ancestor is clicked on in the navigation view.  The display of your research progress in each research area is familiar, and found in all of the other views in GenDetective.  Each research area is a link, when you click on provides additional information about your research progress.

Research progress for each statistic is identified by one of three images:

Research Progress Images


  • A green check: research identified
  • A red X: research not located
  • A blue circle: partial research identified

At the bottom of each chart, is a link that returns you to the research progress summary.  The chart below shows the details of each of the research areas.

Research Area Example
Vital Statistics
Death Statistics
Census Research
Occupational Research
Military Research
Religious Research
Immigration Research
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