My Tree View: Navigation & Traditional Views

The central feature of My Tree View can be broken into two areas, both on the left side of the screen which fills most of the screen.

My Tree View – Navigation & Timeline

  • Generational Blocks: this section displays the ancestors in your tree, connected to each other by lines, child to each of his parents.  This traditional view contains 4 generations and attached to the right side of the 4th generation is an arrow, when pressed, scrolls one more generation into the past.  On the right side of the screen is a scroll bar that adjusts the view in the center of the screen displaying the ancestors not currently visible.  Each person’s display includes:
    1. Name
    2. Birth Date – Death Date
    3. Foot Print: includes your progress walking the path of this ancestor and in meeting your personal research goals
  • Timeline: a timeline is displayed for any person in the generational block view that is “clicked”.  Each time the generations scroll, the timeline is adjusted to match the person who is displayed in generation 1. To view the timeline for any other person click on the rectangle containing the ancestors name.

You can see that by adding a detailed timeline and incorporating your research progress for each person we’ve increased the information you see for each person in My Tree view.  Our next post will discuss the right side of the screen which significantly increases the information available.

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