What Is My Tree View?

The My Tree View is a traditional block view of your tree combined with the power of My Research Progress!  What is a traditional block view of your tree?

Traditional Block View of Family

Does this look familiar?  Different desktop and internet product display of family trees vary slightly in appearance, but the rectangles with names and dates connected with lines to the ancestors of a person are consistent.  Even the arrows on the “ends” to navigate to the next or prior generations, adjusting the view is standard.

My Tree View leverages this uniform way of working with our family members and augments it with the information from your personal research goals.  The foot prints from My Research Progress chronicling your progress walking the path of your ancestors, with the number of steps noted on the footprint, have been added to each block.

My Family View

The My Tree View can be viewed as containing four quadrants:

  1. Upper left (primary area): navigation
  2. Lower left: timeline
  3. Upper right: family members & reports
  4. Lower right: details of research progress

In the next several posts we will look at each of these areas in My Tree View!

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