My Research Progress: Religious Research

The fourth research area we will explore in the My Research Progress view is Religious Research. If you click on the Religious research link, the center area of the screen in My Research Progress view will appear. Religious research information is highly customizable in GenDetective using My Personal Research Goals. Due to this flexibility the link for religious research may be disabled.  Unlike the other research areas in GenDetective, there are no standards, 1 record (like a birth certificate), or even set number of “instances” to find.  The research and personal goals depends on the religious participation of your ancestors, how diligent their faith was at creating records and preserving those records and your desire to locate these records.  Because of this GenDetective uses a very simple solution for religious research: How many target records do you search for on average?  Meeting your personal research goal is a matter of you found the number of records, or have not.

In the top 2/3 of the screen you will see a bar chart and below the chart a series of links that echo or repeat the information that is graphically displayed in the bar chart.

Religious Research

Each bar in the chart displays a series of statistic labels and up to 3 colored bars:

  1. Located research: people where you have located your target number of religious records
  2. No research: people where you have not yet located your target number of religious records

Below the bar chart, look to the left of the text that says “414 Direct Relatives”. Do you see the hyperlink “Print this list”? Anytime that you want a list of the people listed in the lower section of the screen, click this link and press print!

In GenDetective the following demographics are included in religious research statistics:

Demographic or Statistic Sample Chart
Religious Research: people where the target number of research records have been located or people where the target number of research records have not been located

People without the desired number of religious events

You can see the power of this graphic depiction of your research and how quickly you can identify research opportunities.

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