My Research Progress: Vital Statistics

The first research area we will explore in the My Research Progress view is Vital Statistics.  If you click on the Vital Statistics link, the center area of the screen in My Research Progress view will appear.  In the top 2/3 of the screen you will see a bar chart and below the chart a series of links that echo or repeat the information that is graphically displayed in the bar chart.

Initial Vital Statistics

Each bar in the chart displays a series of statistic labels and up to 3 colored bars:

  1. Located research: people with an identified date or location
  2. Partial research: people with approximate date (about 1783, circa 1850, between 1850-1850) or a generic location (Germany, England, California)
  3. Missing research: people without the date (dates in report are guesstimated by GenDetective) or people without any location for the event (born 15 Jan 1783, no country identified, information left blank)

Clicking on any single bar or link below the chart will display the names of the people who meet the selected criteria.  For example, people with a full birth date, or people with an approximate birth date or people with an estimated birth date.  To get a list of people who have estimated birth dates (maybe from a census record), click on the colored bar or link for people with partial birth dates!  Once you click on a colored bar, below the graph a list of the people who meet the criteria will appear.  It is really is that easy, your research opportunities with a click of the mouse!

In GenDetective the following demographics are included in vital statistics:

Demographic or Statistic Sample Chart
Birth Date: people with birth date or an approximate birth date, or missing birth date.

People With An Approximate Birth Date

Birth Location: people with a specific birth location, a generic birth location or a missing birth location

People With Unknown Birth Location

Two Parents?: people with both parents identified, one parent identified or no parents identified

People With Only One Parent Identified

Last Name: people who have an identified last name or people where their last  (frequently maiden) name is unknown

People Without An Unknown Last Name

First Name: people with a known or unknown first name (Mrs. John Smith), can I have a first name please 🙂

People With An Unknown First Name

You can see the power of this graphic depiction of your research and how quickly you can identify research opportunities.

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