What Is The My Research Progress View

My Research Progress is the first view seen in GenDetective.  My Research Progress works hand in hand with My Personal Research Goals, to present a visualization of your genealogy research.  The goal of visualizing My Research Progress is to quickly and visually identify research opportunities, simply by clicking on a link or a bar in a chart!

Using My Personal Research Goals to identify the various demographic records or information, in an ideal world, you would locate for each ancestor.  While these demographics are limited to specific areas of research, and do not include the variety of records required for a reasonably exhaustive search, they are the basic building blocks  are used when researching the life of an ancestor.

The initial screen in My Research Progress is shown below:

  • On the left is the list of relatives and their relationships to the Home person for your tree.  Listed with each relationship is the number of identified ancestors (59 Fourth Great Grandparents) and an image associated with your research progress for this relationship.  This graphic, showing your progress in walking the path of your ancestors, gives you immediate visual feedback where research opportunities exist (grey footprints).
  • The middle of the screen is filled with a summary of the demographic research areas covered by My Personal Research Goals.  Each area is accompanied by a picture showing your research progress in each demographic area. Looking at the chart above, note that the selected relationship is Direct Relatives and that the research progress shown at the top of the middle section shows your overall research progress and a picture of footprints!  Below this line, each of the demographic areas shows your research progress.  Looking at my research I’m sure you can see research opportunities (without the details yet), I certainly can!  At a glance you can see census research, immigration and military service have missing information, or as I prefer to call it,  research opportunities.  What does your family look like?  To get additional information about the research opportunities, click on any of the links.
  • On the far right side of the screen is a list of the relatives with the selected relationship to the home person.

The next several posts will examine each of the demographic areas encompassed by My Research Progress and how to use each chart to identify your research opportunities!  This post will be updated with the link to each post as it is published.

Research Area Initial Chart
Vital Statistics

People With Unknown Birth Location

Death Statistics

People with located estate records

Census Research

Census Research

Immigration Research

People with an immigration date

Military Service

Military Research

Occupation Research

Women with an identified occupation

Religious Research

People without the desired number of religious events

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