My Family View: Ahnentafel Report

The Ahnentafel report in My Family View is a simple ahnentafel report that recounts each of the generations in a persons lineage.  In this system, each person is assigned a unique number, with mails being even numbered and females odd, with the exception of #1 which is the person the report is being generated for.  When their is a gap in the research (an ancestor has not been identified, their number is skipped, leaving room for them to be identified and added to the lineage at a future point in time.

The ahnentafel numbers are frequently used for storing physical files as the numbers are unique and consistent for each person.  Adding additional people to someone’s lineage does not change a person’s number, unless an entire a generation is inserted into the middle of the lineage.


I store my paper research in folders organized by ahnentafel numbers. In the Reports By Task view there are two additional reports that list ahnentafel numbers, although they are not ahnentafel reports (or formatted that way).  They are:

Numerical Ahnentafel List

  • Ahnentafel (alphabetical) id’s for people
  • Ahnentafel (numerical) id’s for people

This compact report is useful when creating file labels or doing other work when you do not want the narrative aspected of an Ahnentafel, simply the numbers!

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