My Family View: Detailed Worksheet

The Detailed Worksheet found in My Family View is a the most detailed report about an ancestor available in GenDetective!  This detailed examination looks at each person including parents, marriages, children, a detailed timeline, notes and citations for each event.  While most genealogy programs do not limit the size of notes, due to page/report restrictions, GenDetective only includes the first couple of sentences.

The fields in this report include:

  • Header Section
    1. Birth date and location
    2. Death date and location
    3. Citations – a list of citation numbers assigned to each citation associated with this person
    4. Parents – names and lifespan
    5. Spouses – including spouse birth date, marriage date and location
    6. Children – includes names and lifespan for each child
  • Timeline Section
    1. Date – date of this event, may be estimated or approximate
    2. Event – the type of event
    3. Citations – number of each citation supporting this event
    4. Event Name – descriptive text assigned about the event
    5. Location – location event was recorded at
  • Notes Section
    1. Notes for – the event the note is associated with.  When person is listed, it identifies a note attached to the person, not a specific event.
    2. Note – the first few sentences of the note associated with this event.  This note may not be the complete note, but hopefully includes enough information to jog your memory.
  • Citation Section
    1. Citation id – the number of this citation (used to locate citations associated with an event or person),
    2. Source – the short source name of this source
    3. Citation Text – the details of this citation

Detailed Worksheet

Notes and Citations Sections of Detailed Worksheet

The Detailed Worksheet is one of my favorite reports to use when I am focused on researching a specific person, especially when the basic demographics have already been located.


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