My Family View: Research Worksheet

The Research Worksheet found in My Family View is a detailed report similar to a traditional family group worksheet with additional information.  This detailed report while lacking the timeline included in other reports, focuses on the details of his life, grouping the information by research area.  Missing information in this report is highlighted (default color is yellow) immediately drawing your attention to this research opportunity.

The fields in this report include:

  • Father and mother
  • Birth date and location
  • Death statistics
    1. Death date and place
    2. Burial date and place
    3. Probate information
    4. Obituary date and place
    5. Grave-site (located or not)
  • Religious related events
  • Identified and missing census records
  • Military service identified and missing
  • Occupation history
  • Parents
  • Siblings and their spouses
  • Spouses of this person
  • Children for this person and each spouse
  • Event summary – a chart summarizing the types of events and the number of them recorded for this ancestor
  • Location summary – a chart summarizing the number of times this ancestor has been placed at each location

Research Worksheet

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