My Family Tree: Document Inventory

The Document Inventory report in My Family View provides you with the unique list of all multimedia files associated with this person.  This report is very useful in several situations which include:

  1. You are conducting an inventory of the resources you have in a file folder for this ancestor.  Use the empty check column to indicate you have the document.
  2. You are scanning documents into your computer and you are verifying that you have associated each document with this ancestor.

This report only has 3 columns:

  • Column 1: empty check box, convenient if you are conducting an inventory the documentation for a person in your file folder
  • Column 2: the title of the multimedia file
  • Column 3: the path and name of the file on your computer

Document Inventory

When I am stumped, facing a brick wall, or when I am creating an application for a lineage society, I like to print all of the documentation associated with the relative.  I use this report as an inventory of the documents I have, and to identify the online documents I have located that should be printed!


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