My Family View: Source Timeline

The Source timeline report in My Family View is an enhanced timeline that includes the details of the sources and citations that were used to support each event.  This report provides a detailed view of each event INCLUDING the citations that support each event.  This does mean, that events without a citation will also be evident.  As you study each event, evaluate whether you have used the best source possible, and if there are other sources you might want to consider locating.

This report contains an expanded header that includes your research progress and basic demographics for this person.  The columns in the Source Timeline are:

  • Age: the persons age (may be estimated) at the time this event occurred
  • Date / Event / Note?: in a vertical column under this header is the following information
    1. Date: the date of an event
    2. Event: the type of event will be listed below the date
    3. Note: if there is a note for this event it will be indicated by *** event note *** and will be listed under the event type
  • Event / Location / Supporting Documentation: in a vertical column under this header is the following information

    1. Event: the text description you entered for this event
    2. Location: the place where the event occurred
    3. Supporting Documentation:
      • X multimedia files: the number of multimedia documents associated with this event
      • Source & Citation: a list of each source and citation used to support this event

Source Timeline

I must admit that this is one of my favorite reports as it allows me to “see” everything in a snapshot and to quickly evaluate whether I have used the best sources possible in support of each event!


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