What Is My Family View?

My Family View is a view in GenDetective, which combines traditional genealogy reports with the graphical representation of your family created by My Personal Research Goals.  Remember, the goal of GenDetective is to shuffle your data and present it in different formats to trigger thoughts on ways to break through your brick walls.

My Family View

My Family View can be accessed in multiple ways:

  1. The View Menu
  2. The Current View toolbar button
  3. The Family button on the toolbar
  4. By clicking on the details of a person in any other view in GenDetective (My Research Progress, My Maps, My Tree)

My Family View provides a way for you to select the report format that you most prefer to work with.  GenDetective has taken “standard” genealogy reports and customized them to fit the way that GenDetective views each person.  To change the report that is generated whenever you click on a person, click on the Report: link (in picture labeled Report: Research Progress).

My Family View Pick Report

This list appears when you click on the Report: link.  My Family View will generate any one of these seven reports for you to use.  A sample of each of these reports is displayed below.  Be sure that you view one of your people in each of the different reports to help you determine which reports you prefer to work with.  A detailed post discussing each of these sample reports will be coming soon.



This post will be updated with the link to each report post when it is available.

Report Name Sample Report


Detailed Worksheet

Detailed Worksheet

Document Inventory

Document Inventory

Research Progress

Research Progress

Research Worksheet

Research Worksheet

Source Timeline

Source Timeline



My Family View also incorporates an additional filtering option which we will discuss in another post.  Experiment with these key individual reports to pick your preferred report or three.

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4 Responses to What Is My Family View?

  1. Tom Pottenger says:

    Just wondering… do you intend for these reports to replace other reports in the program? Or do you see them as just one more way to look at the data?

    I ask only because so many options are overwhelming.

    • GenDetective says:

      Hi Tom,

      They are alternatives. The reports themselves have been around since GenDetective 2011 (v1).

      When we introduced My Family View in GenDetective 2, most users only “got” the default report (power users had limited choices). If the user didn’t like that report, it nullified the value of My Family View. We had several requests that a different report be used, and of course, those requests were not for the same report. With GenDetective v3 we decided to make the “core” detailed person reports available, and allow you the user to select which report you prefer to use.

      Having said that, I have a series of posts written, that will be published over the next couple of weeks that explore the advantages of each of these different reports and help users decide what “works best” for them. If the default report works for you, ignore the option to change the report.

  2. Luanne says:

    So interested in this program!

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