Those Darn Well’s .. Starting With Marriages

In Those Darn Wells’ .. The Problem, I detailed a family lineage error that is at about 150 years old, an unfortunate error that has been perpetuated in books, letters and online trees.  After a trip to Salt Lake City I returned home with 9.85GB of data distributed between 35 PDF’s and 1,662 photos.  In the post Those Darn Wells’ .. A Mountain of Data I detailed our methodology that we were going to use to sort out all of these resources and the various Wells families in Colonial Maryland, using an example from the “Baltimore County Marriage References and Family Relationships, 1659-1800”.

I have been struggling with how to convey our progress sorting through these resources.  I decided to use a simple table to track our progress, with an entry for each book we “process”.

Trees and People Added From Marriage Resources

So what do the columns mean?

  • Num. Trees: the number of trees we currently have in our RootsMagic database.  We hope that as we progress in our research, the number of separate trees will decrease as we establish additional family relationships
  • Families: the number of unique families in the database
  • New Families: the number of new families that were added based on this book
  • People: the number of people currently in our database
  • New People: the number of new people added to our database from this book
  • People Merge: the number of people that we identified as already in our database and could be merged into a single person.
  • Author: the author of the book
  • Desc: a short description of the book
  • Book: the full title of the book

Our hope is that by starting with the marriage related records we can build nuclear families, and then as we start into estate/probate records and other kinds of records we can establish parentage and relationships between these families.

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