Those Darn Wells’ .. Our Haul

In Those Darn Wells’ .. The Problem, I detailed a family lineage error that is at about 150 years old, an unfortunate error that has been perpetuated in books, letters and online trees. Recent biographies of the Col. George Wells family by Robert W Barnes and Henry C Penden do not include “my Richard” in this family, which confirms an error has occurred, but does not answer my fundamental question: who are the parents of the Richard Wells, whose daughter Frances married Daniel Kenley in Baltimore County, Maryland in 1739?

During RootsTech my cousin Elisa and I spent a week in Salt Lake City at the Family History Library and worked our way through the catalog (non-online items), making photocopies and taking pictures.

A Row of Microfilm Cabinets. I will miss microfilm, but love being able to view the images at home

The majority of resources we worked with were books, but some of the material was still on microfilm.  With the current rate of microfilm to digital image conversion projects we discovered the majority of microfilm has already (at least for these 3 counties) been converted to images, and can be accessed through the FamilySearch

Vertical microfilm storage (top half of each cabinet)

Horizontal microfilm storage (bottom half of cabinet)

catalog. If the material is available online, then we skipped the resource; we can access the material from the comfort of home.



So, how much material did we find in the library? 9.85GB worth for 3 counties in Maryland!

  • 35 PDF’s: pages we printed out from 35 different books or books that we found digital versions of online at google books or other online archives
  • 515 photos: from 15 different items specific to Anne Arundel county
  • 589 photos: from 19 different items specific to Baltimore county
  • 269 photos: from 17 different items specific to Harford county
  • 289 photos: from 13 different items for all counties in Maryland

What are we going to do with this mountain of information?  Stay tuned ..

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