Those Darn Wells’ .. The Approach

In my last post, Those Darn Wells’ .. The Problem, I detailed a lineage error that is at about 150 years old, an unfortunate error that has been perpetuated in books, letters and online trees.  What to do?  My cousin, Elisa, and I decided to meet in Salt Lake City for a week, attend the RootsTech Conference, and spend every free minute in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City!

Baltimore County Resources in Family History Library, Salt Lake City

Our approach?  Identify the counties that were settled early (our Richard was born in the 1690’s), and the parent county of the area where our Richard lived.  Our list:  Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Harford counties!  Next, I went into the FamilySearch catalog, and conducted a search for each of our targeted counties.

The FamilySearch catalog has a feature that allows you to build a printable list by adding an item, book, microfilm or digital collection, to a Catalog Print List.  I examined each of the resources in each county and built a list of items to pull in the library.  I excluded any resource that is online and can be accessed from home (with a non-LDS account).  These resources can be perused from the comfort of home.  I also excluded any resources focused on the years after Richard died (he died in 1782).  My goal was to identify all of the books and microfilm’s that we could only access in Salt Lake City!

Our Research Plan for Baltimore County

I printed the list for each county and took them to Salt Lake City. Looking at the Baltimore county list, you will see I hand wrote the format, BK (book), PDF (digital book that can only be accessed in a family history center), and MF (microfilm), ONLINE (for resources online access in FHL).

These printouts formed the core of our Research Plan.  These are the list of books and microfilms we wanted to examine for any and all mention of the last names we were looking for: Wells, Wilson, Wright and Kenley.

My next post will discuss our trip and how well our research plan worked.

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