Those Darn Wells’ .. The Problem

On 06 November 1739, Daniel Kenley married Frances Wells in Aberdeen, Harford County, Md.  Frances was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Wells, my 7th great grandparents.  I still don’t know Elizabeth’s maiden name.

Every place I research, online, in books, in books printed in 1800’s, and in letters in various manuscript collections dating from the mid-1800’s, the parents of “my” Richard Wells are listed as Col. George Wells and his wife Blanche Goldsmith.  The parents of Col. George were Dr. Richard and Frances Whyte Wells.

Col. George Wells and Blanche had a family of 5 children: Blanche, Benjamin, Frances, Susannah and George. Each of these children were identified in the will of George and Frances’ separate will.  Nowhere, in either will, or the remaining probate records, is there mention of a child named Richard.  Col. George’s will was drawn up more than a year before his death, and Blanche’s will was written about a month prior to her death.  However, for each of these children, there are many surviving records: deeds, probate records, church records, tax records, governing council records, etc.

Conclusion: Col. George & Blanche Wells Are NOT “my” Richard Wells’ Parents!

While it does make sense that there would be a son Richard, after all Col. George’s father was named Richard, what does not make sense, is that given the prominence and assets of the family (thousands of acres, with each of the 5 named children receiving 600-1500 acres each, cash, crops and cash equivalents), provisions should have been made for such a young child, 10 years younger than his nearest sibling, born when Blanche was 45.  While having a child at 45 years of age is not unheard of, I should be able to find some evidence of his connection to Col. George and Blanche, or to their equally prominent children, given the large quantity of primary records that remain, documenting this prominent family!

Since I find no records to support Richards connection to this well-known, well documented, and established family, despite the many books, letters and online trees that state there is a connection, I have come to the conclusion, that while my Richard Well’s father may have been named George, his father is not the Col. George Wells married to Blanche Whyte.  As a note, I have not located any information that identifies my Richard’s father.

In my next post, we will explore my new research direction, and I will continue to chronicle my progress, or lack of progress thereof, in determining the parents of “my” Richard Wells.


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