What if purple is my least favorite color?

Back in October, during the BETA testing of GenDetective v3, we received this email from John:

“what if purple is my least favorite color.  Can you give me one or two or more options?”

It’s a great idea, and as we told John, we would add it to GenDetective 3.1!  Now, you can customize the colors used in GenDetective.  What colors?  Just about every color used in maps, charts, reports and the user interface.

You start color customization by going to the Configuration Menu, clicking on Customize GenDetective.

Each of the color choices will launch a pop-up screen that allows you to chose your colors for each user interface element.  Click on the color bar to change the color.  Select from pre-defined colors, or create your own colors.  Looking at the choices of elements you can configure, you will notice some elements can not be change.  Color options include most elements of the program that use color, but gray and white are still with us.

To see changes to the general program colors, you will need to exit GenDetective and relaunch the program.  Report, map and chart color changes will be updated as soon as you click on an item.  If you don’t like your color selections, tweak the colors, or start over by clicking the “Reset Default Colors” button.

Below are two pictures showing the range of customization now available to GenDetective users.

Change your map colors!

Change your reports colors!









Have fun changing your maps, charts and reports to match your color preferences.  Hopefully, this works for John as well!

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2 Responses to What if purple is my least favorite color?

  1. Luanne says:

    What is the best description of what GenDetective can do for me? Concise and clear and exactly why I need it?

    • GenDetective says:

      GenDetective is your research companion, helping you look at your family in new ways. Insights gained can help you identify research opportunities, plan research trips and new perspectives on your brick walls.

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