What is My Tree View?

My Tree View is new to GenDetective v3, and is a combination of the visualization achieved by My Personal Research Goals, My Research Progress and a traditional view of your family!  What do I mean by the traditional view of your family?  That block view, used by every genealogy software program, where each person is to their parents, who are each connected to their parents, and is repeated for several generations.  That same view we study each day hoping for that brainstorm that will help us burst through our brick wall!

Why include this block view in GenDetective?  Because we have augmented it by combining the traditional block view with My Research Progress.  It is a view of your family that you will find nowhere else.  Instead of just showing you what you already know, it summarizes your research progress and identifies, at a glance, where you have met your research goals, and where you haven’t.  The Tree View puts the analysis of GenDetective at your finger tips, even as you look at that familiar view of your family!

New My Tree View!

Moving around the screen:

  1. Upper left: traditional view of your family, with one wrinkle, the footprint showing your Personal Research Progress for each person
  2. Upper right: the family members for the selected person (William Fleming Taylor). Click on any person to navigate to that persons tree
  3. Lower right: the research progress for this person.  Click on each link to see what has and what has not been located
  4. Lower left: a timeline showing the events of this persons life

When each of these elements are combined together, you get a new powerful research tool, providing insight into your research and each persons life, all in a single place, My Tree View!

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