My Personal Research Goals

What kind of feature is My Personal Research Goals?  My Personal Research Goals provides you with a way to share your goals, identify the types of information you attempt to find for each of the people in your family tree, with GenDetective.  These goals are yours and yours alone, and will most likely differ from the goals of other researchers.   The research and documentation required for someone whose goal is to join DAR or the Mayflower Society is different from the researcher who does not have such lofty goals.

Lets start with a person, any person you want to add to your tree.  If you want to add a person you might want to know some basic demographic information: a first and last name, maybe a birth date and location, and whether they are deceased, and if so when and where they died.  Are we in agreement so far?  I know maiden names of the girls can be problematic, but isn’t that a frequent goal?  To identify maiden names?

What other information might I want to research?

  • Census records? Federal, state and local?
  • Will and/or probate records?
  • Burial cemetery?  What about locating graves or markers?
  • Obituaries?
  • Immigration, emigration or naturalization information?
  • Occupations for men and maybe women?
  • Religious events? And if so, how many events do I try to locate?
  • Military service?

What if you look for wills and probate records, but only for your direct relatives, not for the first cousins?  What if you only look for census records from 1850 forward, not using those tick mark censuses?  GenDetective has a way for you to configure that information as well!

Configuring My Personal Research Goals

What’s up with those footprints?  GenDetective users those footprints to identify your personal research progress toward meeting your identified goals; visually showing you how far along the path of an ancestors life you have walked.

Using your personal goals, GenDetective can now identify the relatives that need additional research!  Instead of saying I want to research a specific type of record or person today, the question becomes:  Which of my relatives fall short of my personal research goals?

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