What Is GenDetective And How Does It Help My Genealogy Research?

GenDetective is your genealogy research companion.  It sits beside your family tree data entry program (RootsMagic, FTM, Legacy, ancestry.com, MyHeritage, etc) and helps you formulate research questions, identify research opportunities and plan research trips!

Why in the world do I need a program like GenDetective?  The family tree manager product I use does a really good job .. it manages the people in my families and all of the data I have compiled about those people!  It presents my people, in a “traditional block view”, which is familiar, and comfortable and predictable.  Its the same perspective I see whether I am online or on my computer desktop, or even on my tablet.

This is how we interact our families .. with the same view .. in every single program.

My Family in “Traditional Block View”

Detailed View .. Events Compiled about Person

Each program has a detailed view, when we click on a person, we see a list of the events that have been compiled for this persons life.  There is usually a way to view notes, the sources and the supporting documentation we have compiled for each event.

While these are great programs, with  variability between them, they do the job for which we use.  They manage our family tree and the vast quantities of data we have compiled.

The downside, is that each of these programs present our family in the same way, each and every day, and nothing changes.  We are looking at the same view of our people, staring at the same brick wall’s waiting, for inspiration to strike .. and it seldom does.

This is the void that GenDetective fills.  It rearranges your family into different perspectives, presents it in several non-traditional ways, displaying it from other angles, so that we look at our family in new and different ways.  This provides the opportunity for lightning to strike, gaining insight and finding a way around, over or under our brick walls.  GenDetective is your research companion .. helping you advance your research!

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