GenDetective Video Series Videos

The GenDetective Video Series has released several new videos, updated for the release of GenDetective 3.0!

    1. Getting Started with GenDetective v3
    2. Introduction to GenDetective
    3. My Tree View
    4. My Family View
    5. My Maps View
    6. My Research Progress 
    7. My Video Library
    8. Overview of GenDetective
    9. Reports by Task
    10. So What Is A GEDCOM File Anyway?

These videos are available for viewing on YouTube now and will be viewable from inside GenDetective 3.0 when it is released early the week of November 10th, 2017!

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2 Responses to GenDetective Video Series Videos

  1. Is there a way to mark a task as completed in the Research Progress footsteps? In my program, I have entered census record data under different labels…residence, occupation… because of this the Research progress report does not recognize that I have indeed located and documented the census record for that year/person.

    • GenDetective says:

      No, you can’t mark the tasks in GenDetective complete. However, you can make a minor change in GenDetective so that it recognizes that you have located the census record.
      1. Go to the Configuration menu, select Event Mapping.
      2. In Event Definitions, scroll down the list until you locate resi tag in the In GEDCOM column.
      3. In the “Same as” column select Census event in the drop down where it currently says Event is unique.
      4. Run the GenDetective wizard to analyze your family tree and take this change into account.

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