GenDetective v3: My Tree View

Many GenDetective users have asked for a view of their family that is similar to the their desktop software or an online family tree.  My Tree view is new to GenDetective version 3, and is the requested enhancement.

My Tree view uses the familiar “block” view of your family, with lines connecting each person to their parents, and mixes in a GenDetective perspective of your family.  As a reminder GenDetective does not provide a way to edit your family tree; instead GenDetective uses different perspectives or ways of viewing your family to help trigger research ideas and ferret out additional research opportunities.

My Tree View

There are 4 sections to the My Tree view:

  1. The main panel: this area contains 4 generations of your family at a single time.  Depending on your screen size/resolution, there is a scroll bar on the right side to display any people not on the screen.  Each person displays: their name, birth date, death date and a foot print.  The footprint shows your research progress for this person.
  2. Timeline panel: this area is immediately below the main panel and contains the timeline for the selected person.  To see a timeline for someone else, click on that person.
  3. Family panel: this area is to the right of the main panel and contains a list of the people immediately related to the selected person.  Click on any person in this list to display the “tree” for the person.  The Home Person will always be listed at the top of the list so that you can return to the start of your tree.
  4. Research Progress panel: this area is found on the right side of the timeline and displays the details of your research progress for the current person.  Click on any research area to get additional details on your research progress.

Welcome to the new GenDetective My Tree view.

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