GenDetective v3: My Family Enhancements

The My Family View in GenDetective receives a small facelift in version 3.  Each of the 3 panels shown above can be resized for space, and the right panel can be completely collapsed to maximize screen space.

My Family View

In the top left hand area (shown below) provides a way for you to filter or limit the number of people displayed in the list.  Click on any of these links to configure your list of relatives.  Options to target your list include:

My Family View Filter

  1. Relationships
  2. Gender
  3. Were in a country
  4. Time period (years)
  5. Have or don’t have an event
  6. Have a reference to a specific source
  7. Reset All Criteria

My Family View Filters

As you configure any of these filters, the text displayed with the link will change reflecting your choices. For example, after selecting multiple options your filter may read like a sentence:

Direct relatives who are male with an event in DEU (Germany) living between 1664-1800 and have a Baptism event.

While the filter feature isn’t new to My Family View we have increased its flexibility and added one more option.  The last select you can make is labeled:  Report.  In the picture above the default report is the “Individual Research Progress” report.  In GenDetective v3 has  been expanded to permit you to choose between 7 different individual people report.

My Family View Pick Report

Clicking on the Report: link will cause the following pop-up to appear where you can pick the report that you prefer from the list of detailed individual reports.

This flexibility in your default report (you can change it any time) provides you with information in the format you prefer.  Remember that any time you click on a person, in the right family panel, in the My Family View, any persons name in My Research Progress or My Maps view, your selected report will be automatically created.  Want a more detailed view, or the information arranged differently, select a different report!

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