GenDetective v3: My Research Progress Enhancements

What is the My Research Progress view?  The Research Progress view provides a unique look at your family research, focusing on basic demographic research areas and identifies which people have or have not met your personal goals.  These demographics include:

  • Birth date and location
  • First name and last (maiden) name
  • Death date and location, estate records, burial locations
  • Name of a mother and father
  • Census records each person may expect to be found in (national, state or local)
  • Military service (if applicable)
  • Immigration information (if applicable)

GenDetective v3 provides new flexibility in how you configure your research goals.  For information about these enhancements to My Research Progress see the announcement detailed in this blog post.

In addition to this flexibility, My Research Progress has undergone a several visual enhancements.  The one with the most impact is the right side panel is collapsible, providing additional flexibility for your workspace.  Change the size of each of the “sections” in My Research Progress to best fit your screen or second monitor!

My Research Progress showing right panel

GenDetective v3 offers additional functionality in the My Progress View providing multiple ways to size each area of your screen.

My Research Progress with right panel collapsed.

While examining each of these screenshots you may notice that the tabs that ran down the left side of the screen are no longer present, giving another way to squeeze more screen real estate out of todays smaller laptop screens.  Navigation between GenDetective’s different views is now controlled in three different ways:

  1. The View menu
  2. The current view drop down list
  3. Individual buttons in the toolbar

New Navigational Options in GenDetective

Each of the navigational methods are highlighted in different colors.

These navigation options are continued into each of the GenDetective views providing a consistency in use and appearance.

Coupled with the enhancements to My Research Progress that have been made in GenDetective v3, you now have greater flexibility and control over the presentation and analysis of your research!

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