GenDetective v3: My Video Library Enhancements

In GenDetective v3 the My Video Library feature has undergone a major enhancement.  New to v2, My Video Library, started the process of building video content to help users get the most from GenDetective.  In v3 My Video Library has undergone been upgraded.

The GenDetective Video Library now appears as a pop-up window, and the videos when launched are played outside of GenDetective!  This change enables the playing of a video side by side with GenDetective, or if you have two monitors, provides the option to follow along with the video and step by step click as the videos demonstrate!

My Video Library

As in the prior version of GenDetective, one of the primary functions of My Video Library is to download GenDetective videos to your computer.  Downloaded videos are installed into the “My Documents\GenDetective\Videos” directory on your computer.  Once these videos have been downloaded to your computer, you can move them to your tablet (Android or Apple), phone, or any other electronic device that can play mp4 videos, providing an alternate way to view the videos!

A small change, but one that provides additional flexibility.

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