GenDetective v3: Enhanced Research Progress!

In GenDetective v3 we have introduced major enhancements to the My Research Progress and My Research Goals.  My Research Goals and My Research Progress, identified by the footprint graphicMy Research Progress, showing your progress, at a glance, of your walk in the path of your ancestors.  This functionality provides a way to identify the information, in an ideal world, you would locate for each relative.  Reality is, these goals can take years to meet, even something that sounds as simple as finding everyone’s census record.  A daunting task.

My Research Progress provides a way to pinpoint, at a glance, the progress you have made in locating the information you say you wish to find.  In GenDetective v3 we have introduced major enhancements to the My Research Progress and My Research Goals:

  • My Research Goals — Now allows the specification of research goals by relationship.  This provides a way to acknowledge that while you may want to look for estate records for your direct relatives, you may not care to do this work for 3rd cousins, 4x removed!
  • Faster — The process of analyzing the research and identifying your Research Progress while importing a GEDCOM file is over 70% faster!  The time to “save the people and events” is unchanged, but the computational processing is significantly faster

The new the enhanced My Research Goals configuration screen is shown below (click image to make larger).  You now have the choice to make all goals the SAME regardless of relationship, or you can configure different research goals based on relationship (Direct Relatives, Close, Intermediate, and Distant).  To return to the earlier example, you can specify “wills and probate records from 1700” for direct relatives and uncheck the same records for Close, Intermediate and Distant relatives.

Configuration of My Research Goals

Configuration of My Research Goals

Faster processing and more flexibility, what’s not to like?

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