GenDetective and new WWII Draft Registration Cards

Recently, Fold3, released a new collection of WWII Draft Registration Cards, basically for the “younger” men.  The collection is not yet complete, only draft cards for men in 21 states are available.  This collection will continue to receive updates for some time.

How can you generate a list of the men from your family that you would expect to find in these draft registration cards since GenDetective doesn’t know about this new collection?  The answer is simple:  you can define this new collection for GenDetective!  In GenDetective v2, take the following steps:

GenDetective Program Options

  1. Launch GenDetective
  2. Go to the Configuration menu, and select Program Options.
  3. In the GenDetective Options panel, check Show power user options and press OK.
  4. You may notice some additional tab views and menu options.
  5. Go to the Configuration menu, and select Military Conflicts.
  6. Press the New button (has a green leaf on it) and provide a name for this new draft.  Suggested title: World War II Draft (USA, Younger)
  7. Fill out the remaining fields for this new WWII draft as  you see on the screen shot below.  Most people do not have the custom tag WW2_Draft in their family trees, so you can leave this field set to the default of “No event associated with this conflict”.
  8. Press the Save Changes button.

Definition for new Fold3 WWII Draft Registration Cards


GenDetective will prompt you to consider sharing the new definition with the wider community, but you can ignore this prompt.  Next GenDetective will prompt you to analyze your tree.  You will need to take this step by pressing the Yes button as this enable GenDetective to identify the men in your family that would have registered with this new draft.

After the analysis of your tree, you can get a list of the young men by going to Reports By Task, selecting What information should I research, then Possible military service, and selecting report Who may have served in this war?  For the Military conflict drop down, select the newly defined World War II Draft (USA, Younger), and press Generate report.  Your report should look something like this:

GenDetective Military Service Report for new WWII Draft Cards

Happy hunting, and remember the collection isn’t complete yet!

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