GenDetective v3: Different Screen Sizes

One of our top goals for GenDetective v3 is to run and display well on different size computer screens.  Over the last several years technology has changed (yea!) and we now have a wider variety of screen sizes on tablet computers, small laptops, all of which can connect to external monitors frequently running up to 27 inches in size.

In the current version of GenDetective there is a known issue when running on the smaller high-resolution screens where the default magnification is 150%.  The text overlaps itself and the software is difficult to use.  The workaround in GenDetective v2 is to change the scaling so that the words are smaller, which makes them more difficult to see.

We have redesigned the user interface in GenDetective v3 so that you have more screen real estate and you can now select your own font sizes.  When on small devices you will have the flexibility to control how much information is displayed your screen.

This second screen shot was captured on the exact same computer, with no changes to the computers screen resolution.  Instead we asked GenDetective to use much larger text (size 5), and we hid the right section of the program!
You control the text size you want, based on the screen you are using, big or small, high-resolution or low by using the Program Options screen.  It shows you the different size text and you make your selection.  When you run GenDetective on a different computer, or move the program to an attached monitor, simply adjust the text size.  It’s that simple.

GenDetective v3 Program Options

GenDetective v3 Program Options


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