We’re Related App Milestone — 100 Matches!

Sounds promising, right? The We’re Related app has suggested 100 possible cousins for my daughters. How good of a job is the app really doing?

Milestone: 100 We're Related Matches

Milestone: 100 We’re Related Matches

From the pie chart you can see that there are:

  • 33: Matches
  • 04: Possible matches
  • 17: Highly doubtful
  • 46: Not a match

One of the things I’ve noticed is that many of the poor matches revolve around a couple of “common” research mistakes.

  • Albert Cunningham (15 matches) – my Albert’s mother is Mary (Polly) Clawson, with absolutely no doubt, but the suggestion is his mothers name is Rebecca Beatty.
  • Andrew Beatty (14 matches) – this line has a fair amount of uncertainty, with unknown parents for Andrew in Northern Ireland.  However, the suggested lines have a few private people in them and parents born after children, making these lines of research easy to dismiss.
  • Peter Shaffer (10 matches) – this is a line that has a great deal of uncertainty, but the suggested line on all matches includes a mother who was born 16 years after her daughter!
  • John Silvius (6 matches) – there is a common mixup in public trees that John and Jonas are the same person.  It has been conclusively proven that they are 2 different men (with different parents), but there may be a relationship several generations prior (landing these matches are in the doubtful category).
  • Elizabeth Barnhart (5 matches) – her mother is Anna Maria Kocher, not Anna Margaret Spangler.  They is an Elizabeth Barnhart whose mother is Anna Margaret Spangler, but she isn’t my Elizabeth.

When balancing the scales, I have 33 really great, solid matches, some of these famous people I wish to claim, some I don’t and 6 of the ones I am claiming are Facebook cousins.  In the end despite a 1 out of 3 hit rate, I believe the We’re Related app makes is a worthwhile tool that I will continue to use.

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