Looking back at 2016

What a year 2016 has been, with a many highs and some lows.

  • Moved my dad out of his home of 50 years into a personal care facility.
  • Cleaned out and sold dad’s home.
  • Kyra graduated from Grove City college with a degree in political science (with honors).
  • Paige graduated from Central Bucks East high school.
  • Paige was awarded 2 * $15,000 a year scholarships and began her college career as a freshman at Baldwin Wallace University and survived her first semester.
  • Kyra landed a job working for our PA State Representative, Representative Quinn, in her local office.
  • I attended GRIP Law School with Judy Russell for a week in June.
  • Fall elections with the country feeling more divided than ever
  • 2016 was a good year for genealogy research with several research trips to the National Archives in Washington, DC and DAR Headquarters; research at the Northampton, Westmoreland and Somerset County archives and the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, with breakthroughs on a couple of different family lines.
  • We founded a new DAR Chapter in Pipersville, Pa, the Margaret Gail Thornton chapter, with Kyra as the founding Corresponding Secretary.
  • Paige joined the Margaret Gail Thornton chapter as a new DAR Junior member
  • Cousin Jen joining a DAR chapter in NY
  • Cousins Elisa and her mother’s DAR applications pending at National to join the new Margaret Gail Thornton chapter.
  • Shadow and Lilly are still walking 2 miles a day as 10.5 year old black labs with Charlie & I each morning.

All in all, it has been a very good year, and listing the high and low points shows that it was a much better year than it feels.  I fear the political ill will and divisiveness from the 2016 elections is what has caused it to feel like a very depressing year.

May we leave this rancor behind as we start the New Year looking forward instead of carrying forward all of the bad feelings, poor reporting and negative views that has permeated the headlines and social media.

Shadow and Lilly

Shadow and Lilly

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