Connecting to Database Redux

Have you seen this message “Connecting to database ..” in GenDetective and been frustrated that it never goes away?  There has been a recent upsurge in this issue after installing GenDetective OR after running GenDetective for months and, after installing updates, GenDetective experiences this issue.  If you have seen this issue, the solution to this issue is simple and quick.

First, what is the cause of the issue?  There are multiple versions of  Access  available and GenDetective uses the most recent Access Runtime 2010.  Office 2010 was the last version to run on all of the older versions of Windows, which were still supported and in widespread use, at the time of the GenDetective v2 release.  Sometimes, updates to software will helpfully remove older versions and newer versions may discourage the installation of older software.

I understand that this can be very frustrating!  In the blog post #1 Question Asked About GenDetective I discuss the software that is installed by GenDetective during installation.

What’s the solution?  You can easily address this with a couple clicks of your mouse:

  1. Uninstall GenDetective 2
  2. Reboot to make sure no part of GenDetective is running
  3. Download the runtime version of Access 2010 from Microsoft here
  4. Install the downloaded Access 2010 runtime
  5. Reinstall the full version of GenDetective v2 and the issue should be resolved
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