Hello New Ancestors

2015 was a great year for my genealogy and family research.  For starters I didn’t disown anyone and that is really good news!  One of the things I do at the end of the year is look back over the prior year to refresh my memory on the newly identified ancestors and any disowned ancestors (aka ancestors I thought were mine but were not).  Each research year is filled with a lot of little successes and disappointments, however, I like to take stock of my big discoveries.

In the disappointment area, I haven’t made any progress on determining the parents of John Silvius husband of Anna Maria Yeagger, despite spending quite a bit of time in the Westmoreland County Courthouse.  I am a member of a group that is researching the Silvius/Silvis/Silvies/Silfies/etc family and they have determined parentage for John.  However, there are some issues (no offense to anyone in the group, but, I have unanswered questions).  DAR has information on John and Anna Maria, and unfortunately, I’m not certain that all of that information is correct either.  As a DAR member, I know the database is not infallible, especially for Patriots proven early in the DAR history.  The standards of proof were not as rigorous as today.  The parentage of John and Anna Maria just got the big reset button.  The more I research, the more I uncover additional John/Jonas/Johannes/Jonathan Silvius’s in the same area leading to a lot of documents and thus conflicting conclusions.  My long term task will be to go back to Greensburg and pull everything for any male Silvius with the names John/Jonas/Johannes/Jonathan and start sorting.

Now for the great news!  This year I welcome the parents of Agness Snyder/Schneider to my family tree: John Snyder and Agnes Finkbeiner.  Agnes is my 3rd great grandmother and she was married to Nicholas Reefer (or Rëfer/Reifer/Riffer/Refert), my 3rd great grandfather!  The Reefer’s and Snyder’s have been a dead end for me for quite a few years.  However, using a brute force method of genealogy research (read all wills of all men with a certain last name in a county during time period to be parent of someone hoping to uncover a clue), I hit the jackpot!  I found a will for one John Snyder/Schneider in Westmoreland County, where Agnes & Nicholas were from, whose wife was Agnes and who had a married daughter Agnes Rifford.  While the spelling isn’t a 100% match to any of my “known” variants, it is close enough that I leaped on the find.  The more I dig, the more information I have uncovered.  At this time while I don’t have “the smoking gun”, I do have a lot of circumstantial information supporting this conclusion, but wouldn’t it be nice that with my next visit to the courthouse I could uncover definitive proof?

That’s my summary for last year’s big genealogy finds, what are yours?

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4 Responses to Hello New Ancestors

  1. KTC says:

    I started reading this post because I was caught by your hilarious opening: “For starters, I didn’t disown anyone, and that is really good news!” Now, that gave me a chuckle, as I have felt that way on occasion about both some family members, both deceased and living! 🙂

    Imagine my surprise, upon further reading, when I saw a surname from my own family tree–and an unusual one at that–Silvius.

    My spouse’s 7th great-grandfather was Johann “John” Heinrich Silvius (1713–1776), married to Anna Margaretta (1713–1784). They immigrated to the American Colonies in 1738, settling in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. (Anna died and is in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA.)

    One of their children was my spouse’s 6th great-grandfather, Heinrich “Henry” Silvius (1754–1834), who served in the American Revolution.

    Perhaps this family is related to your John Silvius? Good luck in your research!

    • GenDetective says:

      Yes, it is probably the same Silvius family. The big question is does my John fit into the family (highly likely) or is he a cousin from Germany who joined the family in Westmoreland County, Pa, or is he unrelated (very unlikely). The issue of course being the name John; there were lots of Johns! I can’t find anything to tie him back to the rest of the family in Northampton/Lehigh county but he was living in the same area as the rest of the Silvius’ in Westmoreland county. Welcome to the extended family, probable cousin 🙂

  2. Harriet Reefer Shaulis says:

    I have a 3rd great grandfather Nicholas Reefer 1819 to 1907 married to Agness Snyder 1823 – 1897. They are buried in the Gastown Cemetery by the Christ Lutheran Church in Gastown PA Armstrong Co. I have other information if this is who you are looking for.

  3. GenDetective says:

    these are also my 3rd great grandparents! I’m descended from Sarah Ellen who married Levi Garret Smeltzer, then their daughter Zula Agnes who married Christopher Shaffer. I’m blocked on the John Schneider/Snyder line. Do you have anything about John and Agnes Finkbeiner or Nicholas Reefer’s parents Nicholas & Elizabeth (I haven’t found her maiden name)?

    -Cousin Sandy

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