Off Topic .. Passwords & Security

Just a little off topic today, but I wanted to write about passwords and security.  We know we should change our passwords that protect everything from our computers, banking accounts, shopping accounts and all other password protected applications.  However, if you are like me, there are just too many rules to the different passwords, and who can remember them all anyway?  So, like many, I resorted to a little book that I keep near the computer where I have the list of websites and my passwords.  A big security no-no, but what else can you do?

For the past year I have been using a product called RoboForm to solve the password/security problem.  It is a relatively inexpensive program $9.95 for first year, then $19.95 (currently) thereafter.  RoboForm provides a way to create random passwords AND it remembers the passwords for the applications and websites.  Even better, it securely synchronizes with your cell phone, tablet and other computers, providing you with your account information on all of your devices!

Now, you only have one password to log into RoboForm.  If you lose or forget this password you are sunk .. you have been given fair warning.  The information is stored encrypted using computer magic and the password you initially pick.  We each picked one complicated, upper & lower case letters and numbers password and we only have to remember it, one funky password!  It truly makes life easier.  If you change a password for a website RoboForm prompts you to save the change, replacing the old credentials.

Initial usage of RoboForm takes a bit of getting used to.  It installs in the browser toolbar of your browser or can be launched as a stand alone program.  Think of this as a replacement for your favorite website list, and use it when you want to log into a secure site like,,, or your email.  You need to save links for all of your favorites, just the ones that have password protected accounts.  Banking sites are a little more complicated, but you can add prompts to the stored information that RoboForm tracks for each website, so the secret questions and your answers can be recorded as well for future reference.

This has truly simplified my life and I have been able to get rid of the little password book I kept where I scribbled down all of the passwords for various websites.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with RoboForm, other than using their product.  I benefit in no way by your purchase.  I do not get a referral bonus or affiliate credit if you chose to purchase the product, nor any other form of compensation. 

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