Civil War Pension: Col. Samuel Yohe

Pension Card for Col. Samuel Yohe

Pension Card for Col. Samuel Yohe

Colonel Samuel Yohe served in the 1st Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, and was married to my husbands 3rd great grandaunt, Caroline Woolman Reeves.  The Reeves family is one of my dead ends; I know Carrie’s parents are Henry Reeves and Mary Woolman.  Despite my efforts I have been unable to determine who Henry or Mary’s parents are or where they were from.  As part of my search I have been trying any and every avenue, including the Civil War pension application of the Col. Samuel Yohe’s widow, Carrie.  Looking at the Civil War pension card, you may notice that there is no Certificate number.  The pension application number is listed, but the lack of a certificate number means the pension was denied or rejected!

Despite Carrie’s failure to receive a widow’s pension, the 26 page pension file contains

Declaration for Widwo's Pension

Declaration for Widwo’s Pension

Proof of Marriage

Proof of Marriage

valuable information.  Carrie was the 2nd wife of Samuel, and they married after the Civil War in Easton, Pa.  Samuel died on 05 Jul 1880 and his first wife died in June of 1862.

Buried in the Widow’s Pension is the reason for the rejected pension.  The Civil War pension at the time Carrie had an income requirement for receiving the pension:  the widow had to be poor and struggling to meet the bills.

Widow's pension

Widow’s pension

Affidavit of Emily W Reeves

Affidavit of Emily W Reeves

On her application Carrie indicates that she has an annual income of $364.  While that doesn’t seem like a lot of money today, and it wasn’t to Carrie living in Philadelphia in 1892, it was a steady source of income.  In an affidavit from Carrie’s sister Emily who lives in with Carrie we get a few additional details about that income.  Emily states that her sister has $6000 in bonds of the Philadelphia and Reading Coal & Iron Company and receives $360 a year in interest.  Furthermore, Emily states that Carrie is supporting them by taking in boarders.  While this may not seem like Carrie was living life in the easy lane, the income exceeded the eligibility levels for a widow’s pension.

While I didn’t find the names of Carrie’s grandparents (it was a long shot to being with), I did find valuable information including a peak into the life of a great grandaunt!

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