Maps Are Possible With Coordinates

In my past few posts we have been discussing coordinates and standardized place names.  Besides exporting our locations in a Location History file, what else can we do with our locations?  Using our standardized locations for our events GenDetective can place your family geographically, on a map!

Click on the My Maps tab in GenDetective 2.  You will see a map similar to the following:

My Maps View - World

My Maps View in GenDetective 2

Looking at each of the numbered elements in the picture we see:

  1. The option to select different maps
    1. Regional Maps includes geographic areas:  Europe, North America, Asia, etc
    2. Country maps with flag: Map of each country in your family tree
  2. List of countries (or states) in the map with the number of events, people and average events/person for the country.  Clicking on the country name displays the map of the selected country (the same as selecting from #1B above)
  3. Filter providing control over the people included in the map
    1. Drop down options include: all, direct, close, 1st great grandparents, 3rd great grandparents ..
    2. Button options include a choice between
      1. Events = color code map by number of events in each location
      2. People = color code map by number of people in each location
  4. The map of your family!  Any area that is dark gray has no events or people (subject to the filter that has been selected in #3).  To navigate to any country click on the country on the map (results in the same navigation as clicking on #1 or #2)
  5. A list of reports that are related to the information on the currently displayed map.  Click on the Create this Report button to generate a selected report
  6. Additional display options (available in power user mode) to limit the people and events displayed on the map
  7. The scale for the currently displayed map.  The scale changes with each map displayed

The country map below is showing my direct family mapping the number of people per state.  Take some time and explore your family from a geographic perspective!  The navigational areas remain the same no matter which map you are viewing.

GenDetective 2 map of my family for the United States, mapping direct ancestors

GenDetective 2 map of my family for the United States, mapping direct ancestors

My next post will explore the County level view available in GenDetective 2!

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