Assigning GPS Coordinates in GenDetective 2

In my prior post we took at look at how you can determine which locations in your family tree did not match to a “known” location.  Thinking about your family tree, what locations would you think would fail to match known locations?  If you guessed cemeteries or historical locations, you would be right.

In GenDetective you have 2 options to select from unmapped place names:

  1. Match the place-name to an existing (current) place.  This feature is primarily used for cemeteries and for historic locations which no longer exist in today’s world.  Doing this will ensure your events are recognized and included in the trip planning reports.  For the majority of reports, the location will retain location as you entered it in your family tree, but when creating trip planning reports, this location will tag along with the associated location.
  2. Provide GPS coordinates only which will be used when exporting the Location History file

Most of the time you will probably select option 1 above where you are providing GPS coordinates for a cemetery or associating a historical location with a location in today’s world.  As a note, your changes will be preserved between GEDCOM analyses, so that the next time you analyze your family tree these places will remain known.

In GenDetective 2, go to the Configuration menu, and select Assign Coordinates to Locations.  The following screen will appear:

Select a place without GPS Coordinates

Select a place without GPS Coordinates

To associate a known location and assign coordinates to a location, do the following:

Step 1: Pick the location from the list of locations that GenDetective can not map

Step 2: In the For trip planning fields, select the Country, State and county for the location

Step 3: Place a check beside the town to associate with your family tree location

Step 4: If you wish to assign coordinates, check the and these coordinates box and enter the coordinates (the filled in screen looks like the one below)

Details for a location

Details for a location

Step 5: Repeat for additional locations; there is no need to Save Changes between each location.  GenDetective will track your changes and save them all at one time.

I frequently use either google maps, wikipedia or FindAGrave to locate coordinates for many places.

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