Creating a Location History CSV

New to GenDetective 2.4 is the ability to create a location history file, a description of the file is found in my blog here.  Now that we know that a location history file allows us to: map our family moving forward through time, how do you create a Location History file?

In GenDetective (2.4) at the top of the program select the menu option Export, and click on the only menu option Location History.lochistory_2

The following popup will appear on your screen:


Depending on the website or mapping software you are using, you may want to limit the amount of data you are working with.  Use these options to select the facts you wish to include (or exclude) from the location history file.  To include a fact type, make sure the check is visible in the Include in CSV? column.  To exclude a fact type, uncheck the Include in CSV? column.  For example, I know that the event _fsftid (the Family Search Tree ID which matches a person) does not have a location, so unchecking it will exclude it from the location history file.

The Export to File Name field provides a way to set the location history file name.  By default, the file will be called lochistory.csv and will be created in the GenDetective directory.

To create the location history file, press the Export Location History button.  Depending on the size of your family tree and the number of events (facts) the file usually generates in a few seconds.  As an example, my family tree generates a location history file with just over 80,000 records in about 6 seconds.

Remember, events or facts that have:

  1. No location
  2. Are reported at generic locations (Germany, United States, California)
  3. Could not be matched to a known location (more on this in the next blog post)

will not be included in the location history file.

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