Census Reports In GenDetective 2

In my prior blog Researching Census Records in GenDetective we looked at using My Research Progress and color coded bar charts to click and navigate to a list of people who were missing a specific census record.  But, what if you want paper or a PDF?  A simple report that lists people missing census records, can you do that in GenDetective?  Absolutely!

List of census reports in Reports by Task

List of census reports in Reports by Task

In the Reports by Task tab for researching online for indexed censuses (ancestry.com, familysearch.org and others) click and navigate:

  1. What information should I research?
  2. Missing census records
  3. The census I want to search is indexed

The report that is highlighted is provides the answer to the question: Who is missing this census?  This report asks only 3 questions:  relatives of whom, what relationship and which census.  I selected direct of my daughters and the US Federal census.  A page from the resulting report is shown below and it lists the people by year in the census by

Who in my tree is missing the US Federal Census records?

Who in my tree is missing the US Federal Census records?

relationship.  Looking at this page we see some of those missing the 1840 US Federal Census and the start of those missing the 1850 US Federal Census.  This report answers the question based on the year in the census that is missing.

I now know who to search for in each year in a census.  Instead of a list of people by census year, I want a list of all of the census records each person is missing.  This will allow me to run a single search and look for only the missing years.  My question I meant to ask is “Who is missing any census record?”  Selecting this report asks 2 questions: relatives of whom, and what relationship.  The resulting report (shown below) gives me a list of missing records by person.  I see several different collections:  US Federal, New Jersey, New York, Missouri, Welsh and the British censuses, across 8 different 3rd Great Grandparents.  That first number listed, before each missing year in a census, [Ernestine 39 1900 US Federal Census], is the person’s age at the time of the census.  So in the search results I am looking for someone who is approximately 39 years old in 1900, 44 in the 1905 New York census and 54 in the 1915 New Jersey Census.

GenDetective report showing People who are missing any census record?

GenDetective report showing people who are missing any census record?

Not all of these census records are online.  Some of these are only available on microfilm or on paper (books), and in my next blog we will discuss reports for researching offline.  For now though, many of these census records listed are available online and I obviously need to do some research.

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2 Responses to Census Reports In GenDetective 2

  1. Jill says:

    So helpful. Love GenDetective!

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