Researching Census Records in GenDetective

Census records are one of the most frequently consulted group of records by genealogists.  These records are the backbone of our family history, allowing us to trace our families through time as a couple marries, has children, and the children continue the cycle by marrying.  There are several different census record collections which include:

  • National Censuses (US Federal, British, Mexican, etc.)
  • State & Territorial Censuses (Wisconsin Territory, New Jersey, etc.)

Which of these censuses does GenDetective support?  All of them!  In GenDetective 2 one way to view your census research is via My Research Progress.  In

Census research in My Research Progress tab

Census research in My Research Progress tab

the main section of the screen click on the link Census Research or press the Census button that is at the top of the screen.  The middle section of the GenDetective screen will change to show content similar to this screenshot.  I say similar as the censuses that are listed on this screen, both state and national, will be tailored to your family!  While I may see the New Jersey census listed, you may see Florida censuses listed.  The bars show the progress you have made towards locating the census records that you may expect to find based on the lives of your ancestors!

Research progress for selected census

Research progress for selected census

Next, select a census you are interested in researching.  I clicked on the US Federal Census, which can be done by clicking a  link in the list at the bottom of the screen or by clicking on the graph bar in the middle of the screen.  GenDetective responds by showing your research progress for each of the years that make up the US Federal Census (or whichever census you selected) and displaying your research progress for that census.

Research progress on each year in a census

Research progress for each year in a census

Looking at the screen, the results are not too surprising.  I have completed a lot of research on the later censuses records, approaching 90% of the records located for the 1940 census, but also have a paltry 20% of located records in 1790!  This is all great, but what I really want to know is who do I still need to find US Census records for?

List of people to research in the 1910 US Federal Census

List of people to research in the 1910 US Federal Census

Clicking a link for any year (or by clicking on a section of the bar for a specific year) results in a list of:

  • Relatives missing a year of a specific census
  • or Relatives where you have located a year for a specific census

As you can see, I quickly arrived at a list of people I still need to locate in the 1910 US Federal census!

Excuse me, I need to get busy researching ..


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